Apple of ‘D’ eye (a.k.a Apple of the Eye)

Apple of 'D' Eye


This is a place for sharing all the good things around me, from beauty tips, music to all sorts of inspiration & motivation. From time to time, I will post useful things to help myself and everyone of us. =)

It’s more to a personal blog, but sharing my experience in a different way, which involves specific topics.


Apple of ‘D’ Eye (a.k.a Apple of the Eye)  or Apple of Depp’s Eye? (hehe) … is born! Setting up this blog is just within few clicks after I successfully purchased the domain and hosting plan from WPWebHost.  I am also the author of xiaoyenzi.com, which recently suffers a lot of down time due to “not-so-reliable-host”. I am unable to retrieve that blog since two weeks ago, the support team is not giving me any feedback till then.

Anyways, if you are planning to start a blog or transfer your blog from your current host, you can consider to get a plan from WPWebHost.

Let’s hope this, will be successful blog.



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