ZA Total Hydration

I have been using ZA for quite some time, and it really helps improve my complexion. If you have really oily skin like me, you can consider using the ZA Total Hydration (pink) series. It is effective and affordable for a quality drugstore brand.

I am using the facial foam cleanser and the moisturizing toner. Until the other day, I finally decided to get this promo pack, giving myself a chance to try out the whole series. The promo pack is only RM59.90 which includes a 100g cleansing foam, a 175ml moisturizing toner and a 50g moisturizing gel. The promo pack also comes with a free red travel pouch! (Wow!!)

To ensure more moisture, I also bought the Total Hydration Energy Mist which comes with a free 30ml milky moisturizer. It cost only RM26.90.

Why is this promo pack worth? Because, the products inside worth around RM70!

My daily skin care routine is to apply these 3 products before going out.

Left: FOAMY CLEANSER FRESH –  Step 1, use this to cleanse the face
Middle: LUCENT TONER FRESH –  Step 2, use this to contract pores
Right: AMINO MINERAL REFRESHING GEL – Step 3, use this as a moisturizer for hydration boost

This is my first time trying this moisturizing gel. I am so loving it! It is said to have “10-second instant hydration“. I think it works! My face is not so greasy as before, and the hydration last for quite a while.

As for the energy mist, its size is good for on-the-go. You can bring along with you anywhere and you can just spray a generous amount of mist over your face to restore moist.

When your skin is moisture enough, it will not produce more nature oil to keep your skin moist. That’s why if your face is not moisture enough, it will turn out sticky and greasy. So, moisturizing our facial skin is a very important step of daily facial care.

And now, I have my pink ZA collection here. I bought this not because of the pink, it’s because of this series is good for oily skin type. ^__^

Oh! Not to forget about the free pouch given!

The quality is good!

And now I can store all the essential things in this pouch and bring it along with me when necessary.

Have you tried ZA products before? Share your experience with us.

2 Replies to “ZA Total Hydration”

  1. Cherry says:

    Niceeeeee!! So pink~ Never know that this series works so well for your skin. Oh, I really love the pouch too! What you planning to do with it? Skincare bag or make up essentials bag?

    1. Apple says:

      Hehehe~~~ I really love the moisturizing gel!! The pouch..hmmm should be my “make up essentials + a bit skin care stuff (the energy mist)” bag. XD


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