Glamorous Christmas Makeup

Christmas holiday season is around the corner. To be in the festive mood, other than decorating our house, it is also great to put on some glamorous make up to boost up the festive mood. While looking for inspiration, I found a number of tutorials with red or green theme. Most Christmas themes can’t run away from green or red, especially hot red lips!

When it comes to Christmas, glittering, shimmering, sparkling is also an element that you should never forget!

Here is a nice make up tutorial from MissChievous.

I love the golden shimmering eye shadow. Also, strongly agree with MissChievous’ thoughts on the lip color. Since the eye make up is already that ‘heavy’, the lip should go more natural for a more comfortable look. (In my opinion)

With financial and resource budget, I managed to create a look which was inspired by the tutorial above.


These are basically the products I used:

  • Honey BB cream foundation from The Face Shop
  • Eye brow palette from IN2IT
  • Eye shadow palette (dark purple) from L’Oréal OPEN EYES series
  • Eye shadow palette (dark green) from Maybelline
  • Eye shadow palette (reddish brown and highlighter) from Maybelline
  • Eye shadow palette (dark gold) from Bloop [not shown in above picture]
  • Eye shadow palette (soft red) from IN2IT [not shown in above picture]
  • Gel eye liner from Silkygirl
  • Bronzer from Essence
  • Blush from Majolica Majorca
  • Totally Toffee nude lip stick from Maybelline
  • Lip Smacker from Paul Frank

My favorite for the entire look is this lip stick from Maybelline – 215 Totally Toffee.

Maybelline 215 Totally Toffee lip stick

Love the natural color, good for Asian skin tone 🙂

Maybelline 215 Totally Toffee lip stick

This is the inspired look (before filter):

p/s: My left eye was slightly red due to irritation during make up @@

Add a little bit of effects here and there via PicArts and Mei Tu Xiu Xiu via my Android smartphone. And the result (after filter):

Any way, have yourself a Merry little Christmas and happy holidays ^^

Stay  pretty~



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