Customize Your Own Nail Polish

Have you ever came across a situation when you cannot find the right color for your nails? Say, you have a very special color for your eye makeup, yet you cannot get the nearest matching color for your nails for that special occasion. Or… it’s rather expensive to get the nail polish of your choice…

Why not make your own nail polish with some easy-to-get ingredients and DIY at home?

All you need is:

  • Plain nail polish (transparent)
  • Eye shadow of your choice
  • A spatula
  • A paper funnel
  • A toothpick

I was thinking of giving the idea a try, so I get ready a top coat nail polish (which I have not use for some time) and an eye shadow palette which was put aside for a very long time.

The portion of the color palette depends on how matte / dark you want your nail polish to be. I am using all of  light purple here. Dig out with a spatula and chop it as tiny pieces as possible on top of a paper.

Make a paper funnel and pour in the chopped eye shadow into the plain nail polish.

You will need to use a toothpick to push the eye shadow down the funnel and into the nail polish bottle. And you will get a mixture like this:

Shake it real hard like you are making a milk shake. Putting beads inside the bottle helps to smooth out the mixture even better.

And tadaa~ you have just created your own nail polish.

Let’s try out the color, this is after applying the first layer.

When it’s dry, apply a second layer of the nail polish to get a more solid color.

I usually will apply a top coat to protect the color so that it can stay longer on my nails.

Well, I am quite amazed with the outcome of this color.

It’s an inexpensive way to get the nail color of your choice and it’s easy to make. It’s fun after all.

For detail instruction on how to make nail polish, click here.

Have fun and stay pretty ^^


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